Safety Is Our #1 Priority

Safety is a foundational element of our culture and will always be a focus for every member of our team. By integrating safety protocols across every aspect of our organization, NTD showcases the respect we have for one another, and ensures our team goes home safely every day.

We don’t leave the safety of our employees to chance, nor do we believe that injuries are an inevitable part of our business. They simply are not. That is why we go beyond basic safety standards and crafted our own Zero Accident Philosophy®.

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Zero Accident Philosophy®

We believe in a safety culture that permeates every level of the company and every NTD worksite. To that end, we have created a comprehensive manual and series of trainings that support our culture of safety while keeping our company successful, accident-free and a healthy place to work.

Our team employs a full-time on-site Safety Director, in addition to training supervisors that are well-versed in every safety policy and procedure. Our program goes well beyond the requirements of government agencies and regulatory bodies. It ensures that team members can easily move between positions and job sites with the peace of mind that all operations adhere to the same high standard of safety.

Our focus on safety is so profound we crafted the following mission statement:

NTD Mechanical believes all incidents and injuries are preventable, unacceptable and predictable. We demonstrate this belief through the daily business activities of the corporation.
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At NTD, we strive to assure a uniform level of accident prevention, best management practices, and regulatory compliance, while recognizing local needs and individual operating cultures.
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