At NTD Mechanical, we are about building a higher standard of excellence in both our work and our service to others. This means we are always looking for ways to improve as a company. Our Full Preventative Maintenance is a new service we are offering to our customers and it is one new way we are raising the bar.
Our Full Preventative Maintenance Service is an ongoing service that can help reduce operational costs and improve overall HVAC performance with potential savings of up to 30% on overall utilities. Our expert technicians will go to your site, review your equipment and suggest an HVAC maintenance plan for every season that works around your needs and budget. 
Whether you own an industrial or commercial building or a small office, our technicians regularly prepare your equipment for the different times of the year and are specific to what you need in each season.

While our scope of preventive maintenance services will change depending on the season, a few things it can include are:

  • Replacing filters
  • Checking and tightening all electrical connections, brushing and cleaning out electrical compartment
  • Cleaning and inspecting indoor blower components and annual belt replacement
  • Blow out condensate drain and treating with algaecide, vacuuming, and cleaning drain pans
  • Inspecting condensers and evaporator coils
  • Inspecting for refrigerant leaks (visual)
  • Inspecting safety controls (cooling)
  • Inspecting electrical disconnect
  • Checking thermostat operation
When running your business is your core focus, worrying about the life of your equipment and spending money on fixing issues that could have been prevented is a waste of time. Let NTD Mechanical take care of your critical infrastructure. Let us monitor your equipment and report on any adjustments, upgrades, or issues proactively so that you can focus on what is important.
For more information on how you can benefit from our Full Preventative Maintenance services, give us a call at 214-785-2129.