NTD works year-round with all types of businesses. This November we were given the opportunity to help WiNGS with some commercial HVAC repairs.

WiNGS is a nonprofit that provides a variety of resources for women from all walks of life. Their mission is to help women reach their fullest potential; from motherhood to career growth, WiNGS offers support to empower women, fight poverty and impact generations.

WiNGS had been periodically experiencing issues with their commercial HVAC systems, hindering their operations. Our commercial HVAC crew was contacted to provide a permanent solution for this nonprofit.

There were a few challenges that had to be addressed relating to the WiNGS HVAC system. The piping in the ceilings were a concern because of the limited space we had to work with. The other challenge concerned the three commercial HVAC units on the roof that needed to be moved. Because of their size, a crane was required to move the units with precision and place them on a new platform.

All it took was a consultative approach, planning, and one day of work. Now the WiNGS commercial HVAC units are ready to keep their occupants comfortable during the cold winters and hot summers.

Our NTD team is committed to excellence and are honored to help our community grow with every project we complete.