Mechanical contractor wins awardWe are proud to share that we won the Subcontractor of the Year Class II award at the Regional Hispanic Contractors Association 12th Annual Pillar Awards Breakfast for 2018.  It was an honor to be given this award and it was an honor to stand alongside the six others who were also awarded.

The Class II Subcontractor of the Year criteria included making sales over 15 million as a subcontractor and having a significant impact in the North Texas construction industry in areas such as leadership, diversity, inclusion, and character.

As our team has doubled in the recent years, we see this as a really important win for us as a company. This award is also a great followup to our 2017 Luna Award as well as the Subcontractor of the Month award that same year.

Established in May of 2001, our company has grown into a world-class mechanical contractor. Our NTD team exemplifies a commitment to excellence and are honored to be recognized for our hard work.