Dallas Commercial Mechanical Contractor / Commercial HVAC Company Celebrates Its 2018 Holiday Party

At NTD Mechanical, a Dallas Commercial HVAC Company and Mechanical Contractor, our motto is to build a higher standard of excellence in all we do. And this year’s Holiday Party was no exception.

While these photos may give you a nice glimpse into what our night looked like, let us elaborate on just how great it was…

First off, the key ingredient to a great party is always the people… and at NTD, we have the best. Our NTD Mechanical team is full of people who are experts in their field, who love what they do, and who also know how to have a good time.

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Secondly, tasty food, red wine, and chocolate cake never hurt anyone. And to up the party game just a little more… hire a magician. David Elliott, to be exact. He does not disappoint. Let’s just say, one of our Benjamin’s somehow found its way inside a burning cigar… and survived.

Mechanical Contractor Dallas' Holiday Party

Thirdly, there needs to be some form of friendly competitive Christmas trivia. Did you know one of the common places parents hide presents from their kids is in the basement? Yeah, us Texans didn’t either. Along with fun trivia, having a present-bearing Santa Claus is pretty important. Look at how happy we look when St. Nick shows up!

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Lastly, our dog Buddy. He’s always included in all of our events for obvious reasons. Look at him bringing Christmas joy as he makes his rounds among the party.

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Overall, our 2018 Holiday Party was a success! Can’t wait for all that 2019 has to bring!